Third Trimester


You've only got a few months left to go surfing with that pregnant belly, so you don't want to waste a minute of your online time. Here's the lowdown on some of the best sites for late-pregnancy surfing.
Got lots of questions about those annoying third trimester aches and pains? Getting psyched for birth and beyond? You'll find an entire archive of pregnancy articles on this Web site, which is maintained by pregnancy and parenting book author Ann Douglas, founder of

Obstetric Ultrasound
This website is entirely devoted to the subject of obstetric ultrasound. It features detailed explanations of ultrasound technology and photos of babies at various stages of fetal development. The Mother of All Quizzes
Has your due date come and gone with not even a single labor contraction? Here's a quiz about motherhood that will help you to pass the time until baby decides to make his or her grand entrance. A Motherload of Advice
Getting tired of dealing with all the unwanted advice that tends to come your way when you're sporting a belly? This article -- which I wrote for the Canadian parenting magazine Today's Parent -- spotlights some of the worst advice given to Canadian moms over the past 100 years -- proof positive that all those know-it-alls may not actually know it all.

Visual Embryo
A supremely cool site that provides a guided video tour of the various stages of fetal development.

Grand Magazine
Got some excited grandparents-to-be sharing your pregnancy journey? Grand Magazine's article archive features some must-read articles for them and for you.