Second Trimester

Eager to compare notes with other mamas-to-be? Pregnancy is the ultimate girlfriend bonding experience! If you don't have any friends who are pregnant right now, you may want to head online to hit some of the pregnancy message boards -- or to check out some of these useful pregnancy resources.

Perinatal Web: A Pregnant Woman's Wish List
"Ask before you touch my belly." "Don't ask, 'Are you still pregnant.'" and other things pregnant women really want.

Perinatal Web: When You're Feeling Blue, Here Are Some Simple Things You Can Do
Pregnancy doesn't mean perfect bliss to every pregnant woman. Prenatal depression is much more common than a lot of people realize. Here is some excellent advice on managing depression during pregnancy.

Mother of All Blogs: List of Mom-to-Mom Networks, Communities, Publications, and More
See the large (and growing) list of mainstream and alternative parenting magazines and mothering communities (both online and offline) in the sidebar.

The Second Trimester: Pictures
How your baby develops during the second trimester

Harvard Medical Guide: Questions You Might Want to Ask Your Doctor
A checklist to use as a starting point for your own list of questions.
See Ann's pregnancy books for more inspiration in the question department.