Pregnancy Tools

Pregnancy calendars, ovulation and due date calculators, pregnancy and birth videos, pregnancy and baby blogs. How did women in generations past get by without the Internet to turn to for information about sex, fertility, and pregnancy? It's hard to even imagine. Luckily, we have all kinds of cool tools at our disposal, like these.

March of Dimes: Ovulation Calculator
This ovulation calculator from the March of Dimes allows you to pinpoint your most fertile days.

March of Dimes: Due Date Calculator
Once the pregnancy test has come back positive, you immediately want to know: when is my baby due?

BBC News: Pregnancy Timeline
Keep track of what's going on with you and baby with this fabulous pregnancy timeline from BBC News

National Geographic: In the Womb: Multiples
A journey into the incredible fetal world of twins, triplets, and quads before birth.

Time: Inside the Womb
A flash video and photo gallery showing how a baby develops before birth.

Pregnancy and Birth Videos @ Do a search for "pregnancy" or "birth" videos at and you'll find be amazed by both the creativity of the videographers and how unique each birth experience is. I could watch these videos all day. Be forewarned. They're highly addictive.

Lilypie: Expecting a Baby
Mark the days until baby's grand entrance with this fabulous custom pregnancy ticker from Lilypie. Lilypie also has conception tickers for women with 21 to 37 day cycles and conception tickers for women with 15 to 80 day cycles.

WebMD Expert Blog: Pregnant Pause
Ann Douglas' recently launched WebMD blog -- Pregnant Pause -- focuses on pregnancy news, pregnancy tools, and the wonderful world of pregnancy blogs.

Babes in Blogland
Pregnancy and baby blogging is one of the hottest pregnancy/mom trends in recent years. You can connect with moms who are blogging about pregnancy and life with baby via this directory.'s Interactive Birth Plan
Feeling daunted by the prospect of having to write an entire birth plan from scratch?'s interactive birth plan does most of the work for you.

Pregnancy Tools, Tips, and Checklists from Pregnancy and
A sporgasbord of tools, tips, and checklists from Pregnancy and Pregnancy and Parenting Tipsheets
Conception, pregnancy, and baby tipsheets from

Retro Pregnancy Advice
Deliciously awful words of wisdom given to moms-to-be in days gone by.

March of Dimes: Weight Gain Tracker
It's not healthy to become totally obsessed with your pregnancy weight gain, but it is a good idea to have a "gain plan." This tool will give you a rough idea of how The Average Pregnant Woman (whoever she is) typically gains weight during pregnancy.