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Preconception & Fertility

Is there a baby in your future? The Web is an excellent source of information on the art and science of baby-making. Here are some sites you'll definitely want to check out as you begin the countdown to conception.

A Little Pregnant: List of Blogs
Having difficulty getting or staying pregnant? Julie -- the creator of the A Little Pregnant weblog (or "blog") -- has compiled a list of weblogs (kind of like online diaries) that are devoted to infertility, adoption, pregnancy after infertility or loss, and being a parent. Definitely worth checking out if you find yourself dealing with one or more of the above.

American Society for Reproductive Medicine
Contains a wealth of highly readable and highly credible information on a variety of fertility-related topics. Definitely worth a visit if you and your partner are having difficulty conceiving.

Fertile Thoughts
One of the best sources of online support for couples struggling with fertility problems.

Fertility Tips
Baby-making advice from Ann Douglas, author of The Mother of All Pregnancy Books and the founder of

International Council on Infertility Information Dissemination, Inc.
A website that serves as an international clearinghouse for fertility-related information. Features articles, bulletin boards, and more.

March of Dimes
A healthy pregnancy starts before you conceive, which is why you should plan to visit the March of Dimes website for the lowdown on leading a baby-friendly lifestyle before the pregnancy test comes back positive.
A fabulous Canadian source of information on the effects of drugs, chemicals, and disease during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition
The National Healthy Mothers Healthy Babies Coalition website is another valuable source of information on planning for a healthy pregnancy.

MSN: "Raising Your Quarter-Million Dollar Baby"
The hair-raising truth about what it really costs to start a family. (Not for the financially squeamish.)

The official website of the national infertility support association of the same name. An excellent way to connect with other couples struggling with infertility.