Life After Baby

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Wondering what life will be like in your post-baby university? The following blogs and websites will provide you with a mama's eye view. "Mama Don't Preach"
Some new mothers are so enthralled with the joys of parenthood that they can't wait to sign up more recruits. Others -- like this writer -- become more convinced than ever that having a baby definitely isn't the right choice for everyone. "Just Us Always"
Read this essay by "The Naughty Mama" and you'll have a sense of the sexual rollercoaster ride that you may be signing up for after baby makes three.
A collective blog founded by a bunch of authors who specialize in writing about motherhood. Expect musings on motherhood and the writing life.
Eager to swap experiences with other moms? The essays at read like a virtual mommy's group.
The "chick lit" world has been undergoing a population explosion of its own, with the Bridget Jones-type books of the mid-1990s giving birth to a new round of books about motherhood -- so-called "mommy lit" books. This website chronicles what's new and noteworthy in this highly popular genre.

The Mother of All Blogs
The official blog of pregnancy and parenting book author Ann Douglas. Contains links to numerous other must-read blogs about motherhood. "Bringing Up Bébé"
Musings on the postpartum period from an American mother in Paris.

NEW !!! Baby Sleep Solutions
Sleep can feel like the stuff that new dreams are made of when you're a sleep-deprived new parent. This page provides you with links to the top sources of sleep news, mini-reviews of the top bestselling baby sleep books (organized by category), and answers to your biggest baby sleep questions. Also contains links to excerpts from Ann Douglas' book Sleep Solutions for Your Baby, Toddler, and Preschooler. Tip Sheets
When you're zeroing in on postpartum resources, don't forget to check out the postpartum tip sheets that you'll find posted elsewhere on this website.
Finally, you may want to pay a visit to one of our sister sites, You'll find links related to all stages of parenting from preconception through the preteen and teen years, including an extensive list of links of interest to parents with new babies.